Woods Club originally established in 2008 by Ezio Gears and Merceds Auer was one of the true first House Music venues.
It set a standard in the House Music scene in Second Life.
It closed its doors briefly in 2011.
In 2014 the ownership of Woods Club was given to Leila Roddenham, who previously owned GOL-Element the 8th.
In January of 2014, Woods Club again closed for a temporary period due to RL issues in late 2016. Have no fear because Woods Club is back to bring you what you all love. In February 2017, we open our doors once again. Welcome home!Woods Club is one of SL’s top venues once again bringing the best music on the grid with the quality that you all have grown to love.
We concentrate on a fun and friendly atmosphere while having the best music.

Woods Club…Real Music For Real People